About Us

About Jeff Seitz
I was born and raised in a small town named Newton in Western North Carolina. People in Newton said, "We raise maters, taters, and hell." The maters and taters I learned a lot about in my early years, raising hell came later.

In the summer months, I stayed with my great-grandmother who even at the age of 85 raised an acre vegetable garden with everything from strawberries to corn. We'd get up early at first light to "work" the garden before it got too hot. Afternoons we would spend on the front porch with her crocheting and dipping snuff and me counting cars, according to color, of course. 
At age six, I was old enough to work on the dairy farm. I'd help get the cows in the milking stalls clean off the udders, put on the milkers and watch the milk go thru the glass tubes before it pumped into a big ball and down into a refrigerated tank.

My favorite farm chore was riding with my grandfather on the tractor in the fields. We would plow, disc and harrow the fields to prepare them for planting by mixing and spreading daily the manure from the feeding stalls. I was involved with planting, cultivating and harvesting the crops. Most days we'd stop under a large sassafras tree and my grandfather would cut us a few small branches and skin back the bark. We would chew on them like a toothpick savoring that distinct flavor.

As a child I was amazed at what would start as a small seed would turn into food for us and the animals. This is where my love for plants took root. This early experience engaged all my senses and cultivated a visual awareness and appreciation of the environment that helps me in landscape design today.

Graduating high school, I took a circuitous career path through the technical field of electrical installation including heating and cooling; in the restaurant trade as corporate trainer; engaged as a consultant and sales rep with the nation’s largest deck builder and, lastly, in management with the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer.

With all this experience, in April of 2002, I returned home to my first love when I opened the doors to Appalachian Creek Garden Center. There is a sense of satisfaction in growing plants and especially in sharing what I know with folks who appreciate attractive landscapes for their home or business.

About Appalachian Creek Garden Center 
We have been in the garden and landscaping business for over a decade. We guarantee our seeds and products to be of the highest quality. Our mission is to offer high quality plants that you can count on to be healthy, vigorous and ready to plant. As landscape designers and nursery-folk, we offer a selection of tried and true garden performers, as well as many new varieties that excel for easy care, long blooming periods, year-round interest, and most of all, for versatility. 

We work with a network of local growers we have dealt with over the years so we can bring to you one of the healthiest selections of plants to be found. With years of selling to landscapers, builders, golf courses, cities, schools and the general public, we have built on our reputation of offering only the best in quality at extremely competitive prices. Quality, service, reasonable prices are key factors in how we run our business. 

As the owner of Appalachian Creek Garden Center, I look at every plant here as if it were to be planted at my own home. If I do not like the quality, I will not sell it. 

Appalachian Creek Garden Center has professional certification and/or membership with: 
    • North Carolina Landscape Association 
    • Registered Landscape Contractor 
    • North Carolina Certified Plan Professional 
    • Certified Pesticide Applicator 
    • Asheville GreenWorks 
    • Asheville Chamber of Commerce 
    • Black Mountain Chamber of Commerce